Emanuel Ungaro
|Veronica Fanfani

Veronica has a natural sensual instinct that defines her expression of harmony and poetic order of an interior.


Being in close contact with the development of forms that defined my work for many years,

Veronica learned the taste for beauty in all its states, and naturally adopted the audacity that prevailed in my design studio.

Her daily presence allowed her to hone her sense of detail and her search for beauty in all its forms.


Her travels filled her with dreams and colours but especially freedo, which she expressed in her research, symbol of her curiosity for antique markets where she captured the soul-like quality they carry for eternity.

Veronica administers this secret language in her way, a very personal way, resonating with the imaginary dialogue that takes place in a private space where an intimate kind of joy is king.


This peace of mind and harmony found in a life lead by calm and sensuousness.